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Welcome to MaleMD

The Trusted Source For Real E.D. Meds

Welcome to MaleMD

The Trusted Source For Real E.D. Meds

MaleMD has simplified the online process for you to get your E.D. Medication securely, discreetly, and quickly delivered to your doorstep.

MaleMD has simplified the online process for you to get your E.D. Medication securely, discreetly, and quickly delivered to your doorstep.

Increased Confidence and Performance in bedroom all without ever leaving your home, with our 100% online ordering.

You have a full 60 days to try MaleMD and if you aren’t completely satisfied — simply send us a quick message and we will gladly refund your money.

Pay Nothing Upfront - you're never charged unless your prescription for FDA E.D. meds is approved.

5 star reviews - our customers love us. The MaleMD care team works 7 days per week and is always there to help.

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Our online medical platform will match you with the very best U.S. based E.D. specialists. Simply choose your preferred medication, then answer a quick 3-minute online medical questionnaire from the comfort of your home. One of our expert Doctors will review the answers to your questionnaire online and then approve or adjust your prescription to ship within 4 hours or less.

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Skip the doctor’s office with our easy 3-Minute Men’s health Questionnaire. Once completed our Dr’s will review your medical history in a few short hours.


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Get a prescription for High Quality E.D. Meds that is valid for 12 months and receive ongoing 24/7 care from your physician.


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We do not charge your card until the DR has reviewed your 3 minute health quiz and your medically approved. Your medication then ships for free from the pharmacy.


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Our Medication will ship out within 24 hours and be delivered to your door. Avoid the embarrassment and hassle of waiting on your doctor and Pharmacist

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Frequently Asked Questions

E.D. (Erectile Disfunction) is a significant medical condition that affects nearly 20 million men annually in the United States. ED is characterized by when a man has a hard time achieving an erection or keeping an erection long enough to participate in sexual intercourse with his partner. E.D. is generally significantly more common as we get older, but unfortunately can happen at any age.

Erectile disfunction can be caused by many factors. Some of the more common are uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension, abnormal testosterone, or thyroid hormone levels, and emotional or personal distress.

Beyond just the stress to a relationship and loss of personal confidence, the inability to achieve or keep an erection can be a sign of more significant health issues that need to be quickly addressed. Your MaleMD physician will discreetly and comprehensively review all the answers to your personal questionnaire to help identify any additional health concerns that you may have.

Let’s be honest, making an appointment with your personal doctor can be a real hassle. Often you will wait for weeks just to get in to see them, then you have to have the uncomfortable conversion with them about why you are there for your visit.

MaleMD’s Online Telemedicine Service is 100% about convenience, discretion, and ease of use. Our licensed doctors can review the 10-minute medical intake form that you just filled out on your phone and get you started on your treatment, same day. No waiting weeks any longer to get started.

All Erectile Disfunction medication is prescribed by a licensed U.S. doctor. As long as you answer all the questions on the questionnaire accurately, our Telemedicine service for E.D. patients is completely safe and easy to use. Just make sure you disclose all medical conditions that you currently have. This is for your protection and safety.

E.D. medication should only be used by men that are healthy enough to participate in sexual activity. Our doctors will closely review all your answers to confirm that you are healthy enough to be prescribed medication to treat your E.D.

No, you absolutely will not need to drive to see a doctor, and you will not need to do a video call with one of our doctors. Our U.S. Licensed doctors can prescribe E.D. medication to you just by reviewing your medical questionnaire.

A U.S. licensed doctor will review the answers your medical intake form within 2 hours during normal business operations and usually less 24 hours during non-business hours. We know that now that you have made your choice to begin treating your E.D., you’re very anxious to get started. We fully understand this and will review your prescription as quickly as possible. Once your prescription has been approved by one of our doctors, and your card has been billed, our pharmacy will ship out your medication to you that same day via USPS First Class Mail.

Your online medical intake form and prescription are good for 12 months once they are approved by one of our Doctors. After 12 months, you will need to answer another short medical questionnaire to receive another prescription to continue receiving E.D. medication from MaleMD.

Unfortunately, we do not take insurance, but our “cash” prices are in general, significantly discounted from most other telemedicine providers, plus you have the added benefit of not having to drive in to visit with your local Doctor.

Due to the way Erectile Disfunction medicine works, it is important for our doctors to get clear understanding of your blood pressure and any other significant medical issues. In general, E.D. medication is safe for men with high blood pressure if they are in otherwise good health. E.D medication though is not recommended for men with severe cardiovascular disease, or who have high blood pressure and struggle to urinate. Your safety and health are our primary concern. Providing us with full answers to your medical intake form will allow our doctors to prescribe the right medication for you.

Nitrates and Nitroglycerin are generally prescribed for individuals with heart conditions. Taking E.D. medication in conjunction with nitrates or nitroglycerin can lead to a dangerous drop in blood pressure.

We currently prescribe both generic and branded Tadalafil (Cialis) and Sildenafil (Viagra) through a licensed doctor’s prescription. Generic Tadalafil is available in both 5mg and 20mg pills, while Cialis is available only in 20mg pills. Both generic Sildenafil and Viagra are available in 50mg and 100mg pills.

Tadalafil is the active ingredient in Eli Lilly’s branded Cialis. Lilly’s patent on Tadalafil expired in 2018, allowing manufacturers licensed by the FDA to produce generic versions of Cialis (Tadalafil). According to the Food and Drug Administration, generic medication offers the same benefits as the branded medication at a significant discount in price. Safety, strength, stability, effectiveness, and quality of the medication are all required by the FDA to reach the same level of standard as that of the branded version. Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) is approved by the FDA.

Your credit card will be billed after one of our Doctors approves your prescription. After your card has been billed, your medication will be shipped by one of our licensed pharmacies via USPS First Class Mail. If you have signed up with one of our recurring medication options, your card will be billed once every 30 days for your new shipment.

We understand that dealing with Erectile Disfunction and treating it is an extremely private matter. All shipments from MaleMD come in discreet packaging with no markings suggesting what is in your package.

Important Safety Information

Do not take Sildenafil (sildenafil citrate) or Tadalafil if you take medication containing nitrates or guanylate cyclase stimulators for pulmonary hypertension as this could cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure or if you are allergic to sildenafil, tadalafil or any ingredients in either medication. Discuss your health with your doctor to ensure that you are healthy enough for sex. -
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