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Clinically Proven Hair Loss Treatment

Hairsy is a prescription hair-loss treatment prescribed by Dermatologists. This is an FDA Approved topical treatment designed specifically to stop hair loss and help you begin to regrow your hair. No other formula is as advanced or powerful as Hairsy’s proprietary pharmaceutical blend.

  • 8% Minoxidil
  • Topical Finasteride
  • Tretinoin
  • Biotin
  • Guaranteed Results & Side-Effect Free

Why get a Prescription of Hairsy?

Why do I need a prescription of Hairsy when I can just buy Rogaine over the counter at the Pharmacy? The answer is simple. The over-the-counter treatments just aren’t strong enough to be effective. In order for a treatment to be effective, a stronger formula must be used which is only legally available through a prescription.

The Dermatologists from MaleMD have created a solution in Hairsy that combines the strongest prescription grade minoxidil (8%) with topical finasteride (generic Propecia) Tretinoin and Biotin into the most effective solution that can be prescribed for hair-loss. By eliminating the need to take a finasteride pill, Hairsy gives you the results you want, without the likelihood of negative sexual side-effects that are sometimes seen with use of the oral version.

Real People with Incredible Results

Regardless of your age, hair type or stage of hair loss, Hairsy is a FDA approved hair regrowth solution for men! Developed by world renowned Dermatologists, Hairsy’s pharmaceutical ingredients are clinically proven to help stop hair loss and regrow hair long-term.

9 Months

I was always worried someone would notice my bald spot and judge me. Then I found Hairsy, and in just over 9 months, I’ve see huge results!

David R.

Age: 43

5 Months

After just 90 days using my prescription of Hairsy, my hair already looks thicker than when I first started. I plan to use it as long as possible so that I can stop worrying about my hair.

Craig L.

Age: 31

3 Months

I started losing my hair in my early 30s. Since starting my prescription of Hairsy a few months ago, I’ve seen really positive changes to my Hair.

Shawn J.


What to Expect with Hairsy

Noticeable hair-loss doesn’t happen overnight. It’s an accumulation of a few lost hairs in your brush, or on your pillow every day for a long period of time. The same goes for the reverse. Beginning treatment with Hairsy will get you on the path to regrowing your hair, but a full head of hair doesn’t happen overnight. Only with sustained treatment over time will you be able to maximize your results, and see that full head of hair again. Read below to see what to expect with Hairsy.

Month 1


  • Healthier & shinier hair by day 60
  • Shedding of hair begins to slow down
  • Hair enters regrowth phase by day 60
Month 3 and 4


  • Visible decrease in the shedding of hair
  • Hair begins to look fuller
  • Healthy & Youthful hair follicles begin to form beneath the scalp
Month 5


  • Hair begins to enter the “active” growth phase.
  • Hair will look fuller, denser, healthier, and stronger.
  • Thin areas on scalp should look significantly less exposed.
  • Hair will be easier to style the way you want it.
Month 6 +


  • Stable path of healthy, thicker hair growth
  • Positive results that will continue to build with time
  • Look, feel & healthiness of hair will improve
  • For lasting results, continue to use daily

The Most Advanced & Effective Formula Available

Our proprietary, topical hair regrowth formula combines the benefits of an Oral and Topical into one Amazingly Effective and Side-Effect Free Solution!

01 Finasteride (Topical)

Topical finasteride is clinically proven to significantly improve hair count growth with similar effects of oral finasteride, but with markedly lower likelihood of negative sexual side-effects.

02 Minoxidil 8%

Over the counter minoxidil (Rogain™) is 5%. Our minoxidil is prescription strength and is 8%, for better efficacy and improved results.

03 Tretinoin

Tretinoin has been shown to promote skin cell growth and works synergistically with Minoxidil to improve hair regrowth results.

04 Biotin

Topical Biotin strengthens existing hair strands as well as nourishes hair follicles on the scalp, improving the strength, elasticity and durability of new hair growth.

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Hairsy is The Easiest, Most Affordable Way to Fight Hair Loss

Men See noticeably Thicker, Healthier Hair within 90 days. No more hats, shaved heads or comb overs! Hairsy will help end the stress of hair loss and enable you to rediscover your inner self-esteem and confidence again

How to grow
hair with Hairsy

Apply solution to scalp
twice daily

Watch hair grow

* Recommended use of 6 months to see results

How Hairsy Works

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Hair Quiz

Skip the doctor’s office with our easy 2-minute health questionnaire. Once completed our dermatologists will review your medical history in just a few short hours.

Step 2: Doctor writes

A licensed Dermatologist will provide the right treatment plan for you and then provide ongoing 24/7 support for you.

Step 3: Fast Discreet

Your prescription will ship out via discreet packaging within 24 hours. You’ll receive tracking and updates along the way.

Step 4: Start Regrowing
Your Hair!

We know your going to love the results that you get from Hairsy, but If for some unexpected reason you’re not thrilled about your thicker hair growth in 90 days, Let us know and we’ll fully refund your purchase amount. That’s how confident we are in Hairsy!

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Message From Your Doctor
Message From Your Doctor

Taking Hairsy from MaleMD can offer huge, clinically proven benefits to men that have lost their hair or are just starting to lose it. Hairsy’s advanced proprietary formulation has FDA approved pharmaceutical ingredients that have been proven to stop hair loss and help you begin to quickly regrow your hair. Hairsy is customized to be the most effective solution for regrowing hair on the market. Once your prescription has been approved, our Pharmacy blends it the next day and ships it out to you for free. This maximizes the freshness and overall effectiveness of the solution.

Going bald is devastating to a man’s confidence and negatively impacts nearly every aspect of his life. By starting a prescription of Hairsy, the constant stress and worry of a co-worker, friend or potential romantic interest noticing your receding hairline will vanish. You’ll be able to put away the hats for good and start feeling like your old confident self again. As one of only a few thousand board certified dermatologists in the country, I fully recommend a prescription of Hairsy today.


5 Star

“My hair has never looked better!”

“45 years old and my hair is the healthiest and fullest its been since my late 20s.”

“With Hairsy, I’ve finally been able to stop feeling like I need to wear a hat everywhere I go.”

“In just a few months, Hairsy has completely stopped my receding hairline from getting any worse.”

“I’ve been using Hairsy for 9 months now and I’ve been very satisfied with the results I’ve had.”

The quicker you get started, the sooner you can end your hair loss!

Get Started For $1.85/Day

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Hairsy 5-Star Satisfaction Guarantee

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